Eloise Robbertze

Purly Shurly is a character designed to raise awareness about coral regeneration.

The seascape background is an HDR style fine art photograph. This is a process where I take several photographs ranging from underexposed to overexposed and then I combine them to create an image that reflects details in the shadows and the highlights.

The character is a digital drawing representing coral and marine life found on coral reefs. She is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology and each element – the trident, the shells, the coral, the multi-coloured hair – is part of her personality and a reflection of her environment. She is unique in that each colour represented on her is derived from the colours in the photograph.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • HDR Photography, digital drawing
  • Photograph
  • 600 | 600 | 10
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