Rainforest of the sea 01


Rainforest of the sea ; a complicated ecosystem where thousands of species lives including the most important small ones mainly known as corals which is one of the main absorbants of carbon dioxide and sadly today is fading away . The reason why our reefs are dying is climate change caused by pollution, our seas are dying and our reefs are losing its brillant colors and yet it’s like another normal day at the beach where the dead corals are being washed out in a huge amount . I’m doing a selection of photos which was taken at Tamarin ,located on the west coast of Mauritius where most beaches are dying caused by the unsustainable development work in that area . The extreme low tides and massive amount of sea urchins shows the damages of pollution in that area. Humans feel it’s normal to modernize the country with villas /houses/buildings without even realizing the harm that it’s causing to the environment . Our marine life is in danger and yet people seems to not be aware of this issue , humans are damaging reefs around the world every day . Corals being stressed by the environmental change suffers and dies , thus leading to a lack of carbon dioxide absorption threatening both animal and human life . As our seas get warmer the mass bleaching taking place is alarming , without major changes the future of animals and humans will most certainly degrade like the reefs . Now is the time to act and save our marine ecosystem.

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  • 2022
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