salvos. (survival.)

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As Mauritians we are part of an intricate ecosystem consisting of over half a billion people whose livelihood depend on the coral reefs. They regulate every level of the oceans, allowing life to bloom. They maintain it while also being some of the most beautiful sights one could see on Planet Earth. The colours are vivid and diverse, the forms complex and chaotic, their purpose evident. And the corals are dying.

But even after they’ve broken down and transformed into tiny particles, they will continue to exist long after our species is gone. And they’ll continue to do it with as much beauty and majesty as possible; a feat only ever accomplished by nature. With this project, we didn’t want to simply become another voice calling out for help and admonishing the world for not acting. There are many doing that already. What we are doing is stating the inevitable obvious: the corals are verily dying.

Earth’s death is a silent one; the voices calling for help are our own. And if corals are any indication of our future, we may be already too late to save ourselves. But after us, Earth will be fine, and beautiful, and alive.

  • Group Entry
  • Log | Pillay
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • 3D visuals through simulations and bashing
  • Bashed in C4D and Houdini, rendered with Redshift.
  • 720 | 1920 | 16 bit
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