Sandy Waves

Reena Mungapen

I have attached the photo that inspired me to create this mosaic. It was during an early walk at Flic en Flac beach that i happen to notice the pattern on the sand. I had a lot of white tiles and stained glass pieces from my previous mosaics so i decided to create something instead of tossing them away. Everything has been hand cut and i have attached the image of the tool i use. Unlike my other mosaics i didn’t have any pattern for this one, i just went with the flow and ended up with this artwork. I had actually already sold this mosaic but i renegotiated to get it back.
The message is clear, broken pieces can still be a work of art.

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Single Work
  • 2019
  • mosaics / tiles, stained glass , glass beads and millefiori.
  • wooden board
  • 430 | 500 | 10
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