Sauce Wakashio


This artwork consists of a people that are proposing for fresh fish
while being in a depressed mood. I want to demonstrate the consequence of the late Wakashio oil spill by giving as theme the sauce as normally oyster sauce is added to prepare fish menus., while making a reference to this disaster.
In a more sarcastic way. The composition is in a monochrome blue to show the link of humans and the marine eco life, we are dependent from the sea. This sort of co-existence is being disturbed by man made activitiesitself and it is a way to raise awareness for protecting our lagoon and our marine ecosystem.
Some areas are being covered by black sauce where we cannot distinguish the overall human features like our local fish are coverd by this toxic substance.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2021
  • oil on canvas
  • oil on canvas
  • 130 | 100 | 0.5
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