Save the Tear


The painting shows 3 parts:
1. an eye with a tear in the middle
2. below section with a beautiful, vibrant colors of coral ecosystem
3. top section with a fearful future of dead sea animals and pollution

The eye representing humankind, is crying because all the beautiful coral reef ecosystem is destroying due to our everyday human activities (which includes industrial wastes, ship oil spills, pollution, climate change, mass fishing and boat anchors). The tear and cries of human being is due to the dreadful near future of destruction. ‘Save the Tear’ is the awareness to protect the coral reef ecosystem, otherwise a dreadful future is confirmed where every human being will be affected ( rapid erosion of coastlines and many small island countries might even vanish from the world map, no seafood at all, serious disruptions in the food chain across the globe). With that in mind, everyone of us must accept responsibility not just for ensuring a brighter future for ourselves, but also for all other creatures who call this planet home.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • April 2022
  • Main part is Vaco Baissac's Style, with little Dotilism technique, and little bit of leaf printing for showing white dead coral
  • Small Amount of Glitter
  • 80 cm | 60 cm | 1.5 cm
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