Sultana Haukim

Concept and Description of Artwork
Title: SEAmetry
SEAmetry is an installation portraying the state of our seas today, which almost looks like a cemetery! Due to our disrespectful and negligent actions; overfishing, oil spills, plastic pollution, toxic chemicals from the land, all affect life in the ocean. Coral reefs are perishing, dolphins are getting tangled in gillnets, fish and turtles are suffocating under plastic debris.
The installation takes the viewer on a dive into this sea/cemetery, almost a spiritual dive to feel and understand the harm we are perpetuating to nature.
This spiritual dive aims to raise awareness of our devastating actions in the oceans and inspire us to rethink our relationship to nature. We are an integral part of nature: if nature suffers, we will suffer too.

The Installation:
The work will look like an underwater scene made of objects found on the beaches. Light and sound effects can be used to create the underwater atmosphere. Placed at the entrance of the exhibition, visitors will have to cross this underwater path as if through a portal to see the works of other artists on the other side. Alternatively, the work can be installed anywhere in the exhibition space.

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Installation- plastic debris, dead corals, tyres, blue Fabric, light and sound effect, cut out card board, nylon thread etcd
  • Plastic bottle (debris collected from the beach) and dead coral
  • 10 ft | 10 ft | 15 ft
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