subtle objects no.4

Daniel Pazdur

subtle objects no.4 (fragility/shining)
an image from a photographic series evoking symbolic, surreal, mythical, archetypal dimension of human experiencing of reality.
the name of the series comes from juxtaposition of sensuality and corporeality of natural objects, and immateriality and ethereality of what they embody / represent.

white coralline algae resting on/growing out of a hand. being held and looked at as something precious. there is a sense of intimacy and perhaps of a loss as well.

one possible layer of meaning of this work is referencing the coral bleaching happening on a huge scale all around of the world. the result of the climate change and human pressure on the environment. whiteness contrasting with flashing colors in augmented reality layer.

fragility/resilience, intimacy/estrangement, identity with nature/separation from nature,
inner world/outer world, giving/receiving, growth/decay, life/death

*download free Artivive app from PlayStore on Android or AppStore on iOS and simply point the phone or tablet on the print, or screen displaying the image to trigger the AR content
** AR layer is also in video link, need to be played on repeat, free VLC player is recommended in repeat playback mode

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2020-2022
  • photography + augmented reality layer (through a free app for phone or tablet)
  • photo laminated on a rigid base, floating hanging system
  • 295 | 525 | 30
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