The beauty of melancholy – Coral Bleaching


The purpose of this concept is to highlight the beauty and fragility of coral reefs in our lagoon. I have merged conceptual photography and awareness to bring a new perspective into the plight of coral reefs. The idea comes from the global warming of this planet. Offering a glimpse into a threatened world below the water. The concept aims to raise awareness on the impact crisis has on the marine environment. The images were conceptualized as photograph to create awareness on the climate crisis. I have used two female models as the subjects to shoot the concept. One of them represent the lively corals and the other one represent the dead or about to dead one. By the facial expression, the audience can see the happy proud lively and sad white carcass corals. I think that the dead white female coral dying on the lap of the lively coral, introduce the idea of coral dying like contaminating the lively ones, just a bit like COVID-19 (Corona) virus in our present life. The unexpected that gives the photo sequence a life otherwise its not as exciting or interesting.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Photography
  • Conceptual photography - Consisting of two models and the accessories is handmade, I have manipulated green leaves and let it dry to stick it together for the making of the fake corals.
  • 508 | 338.67 | 300dpi
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