The Clownfish Home

Evelyne Forget

The Clownfish Home, this beautiful vivid life and irreplaceable Home where marine life lives in peace and harmony, and respect! a colorful Coral Reef which is so amazing. About 384 years ago Mauritius Island was colonised by the Dutch, all around the Island the Coral Reef looked like this, it has taken us only some years to ruined it. Only a very few places look like this today, it is a pity, we are all responsible for that. This piece of Art invites us to believe that is not too late to make things change, we don’t want that piece of art to become a vestige of the past, we want to ACT and believe, that, The clownfish will remain thought out the decades to come, this fragile eco system so important to the future existence of the human race is vital and not just a dream, this dream can come true with the effort of all of us. How to raise awareness of Our Amazing Coral Ecosystems ? by educating future generation, but not only, change start with us and right now we need to ACT.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Mix Media
  • Pastel Paper
  • 5000 | 6500 | 1
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