The magical lagoon

Farzinah Beeharry

My artwork is based on a mixed media techniqueusing oil pastel, coloured pencils, marker and pentels.My idea is to show the beauty of our amazing coral in Mauritius as a positive sides . On the other hand , I have used black marker to show the negative side of our lagoon.In order to protect the environment we need to respect the sea , the aquatic life, and especially our amazing corals. But ,unfortunately our Mauritanian lagoon have been affected by wakashio.Therefore to be able to protect our amazing coral ecosystem we have to avoid and stop polluted our environment. Finally I wanted to demonstrate different techniques to express my feeling and emotion as well as my creativity and originality.

  • School Entry
  • Farzinah | Beeharry
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Mix media techniques using oil pastel ,coloured pencils ,marker and pentels
  • Painting on paper
  • 50.4 cm | 67 | 64
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