The Mating Dance


The coral reef is inhabited by tiny sea creatures of incredible beauty & color. Strangely, it is the female that imprégnâtes her partner who then releases thousands of baby horses from his pouch. Their mating ritual is fascinating, more like a Pas de deux’ whereby they imitate each other in a graceful dance. They are today an endangered species! I used Nespresso capsules for their amazing colors in line with my concern over such waste of non biodegradable material. Today Nespresso has launched a recycling policy thank goodness! Still more awareness is required from the public at large to go green. I am but a witness & a dedicated voice…

  • Single Artist
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Diptych
  • 2021
  • Used flattened Nespresso capsules
  • Wire mesh structure on stainless steel rod, coral base
  • 1000 | 300 | 200
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