The Touch of Destruction


My work explores the theme of coral destruction through the touch and activities of human beings. We, human beings, have the tendencies to touch and manipulate things that are beautiful, but in the process, we end up damaging or killing it. Likewise, human activities (pollutions, oil spillage, coral extraction for sale) have led an increased change in the temperature, following our coral ecosystem to whiten and die. Hence, my quadtych work showing; firstly, how our corals are beautifully alive without human activities; secondly, the partly presence of the hand, as a mere interaction with nature fades the corals’ colour; thirdly, the full presence of the hand, as a sign to manipulate nature stresses and whitens the corals and fourthly, resulting the death of the coral and no sign of repair. Human must realize before it’s late that is important to reduce harmful activities leading to changes in temperature that destroy the ecosystem. Because, if our corals die, we will face more storms and erosions, especially as islanders. High risk of unemployment in our tourism and fishery industry as marine lives shelter in corals and sustain organism at the base of food chains.

Please note: my work is quadtych (missing above)

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Triptych
  • 2022
  • Photography
  • Photography printed on paper and Framed
  • 329mm | 1350mm | 20mm
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