Thrash to Art

Nou Zart

Each day tons of waste (plastic, bags, cardboard, chemicals etc..) get diverted, intentionally or accidentally, into the environment including the ocean. This leads to ugly scenes in our lagoon, coastlines and even sea animals are affected.

It’s definitely a major threat to our marine life. As plastic/ waste crumble into smaller and smaller pieces it can blanket the seafloor, disrupting plant life.

It’s highly time to stop treating the oceans like dumpsters and we need to take action to preserve our ecosystem…

We have decided to show how the grime of ocean waste can be turned into beauty. Through the transformative power of art, people are bringing awareness that thrash can be upcycle and turned into unique master piece… Thus, this will lead to a clean environment and also protect our ecosystem.

  • Group Entry
  • Giovanni | Laurent, Vimla | Ramsahaye, Annick | Nemorin, Maita | Vellin
  • Sculpture / installation / ceramics
  • Single Work
  • April 2022
  • Mixed Media Collage/Acrylic/ Spray Painting
  • Thrash (plastic bottle, cardboard, tube etc...)/ Papier Mache, Clay, Wood, Ficelle
  • 48 cms | 120 cms | 4 cm
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