Traditional Fishing In Mauritius


Traditional Fishing In the lagoon, Fishing has always been a major part of the island’s economy.Fishing is a family tradition for many coastal families and has been their primary source of income for generations.The island is surrounded by fringing coral reefs, which create calm and shallow lagoons, and protect the island from natural disasters. The reefs are home to over 1,000 fish species and provide a workplace for about 2,300 artisanal fishermen and women. In a balanced reef ecosystem, the reef species and the thriving corals are interdependent. With an island population that more than doubled in 60 years, Mauritius has developed rapidly and unsustainably. Pollution and overfishing on reefs and in lagoons, in combination with global warming events, are putting these ecosystems under extreme pressure. Unfortunately, over 50 percent of corals in Mauritian lagoons are dead, and fish as,well as octopus populations have decreased dramatically.The people who are most directly impacted by the degradation of reefs and lagoons are the small-scale artisanal fishers.

  • Single Artist
  • Photography / video
  • Single Work
  • 2021
  • Nikon D7100
  • Canvas
  • 70cm | 120cm | 10cm
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