“Transcendence – Life finds a Way”

D’Art Shinee

‘Transcendence – Life finds a Way’
This diptych illustrates the shift from a state of decay and death (on the right) to a state of life and prosperity (on the left). At first glance, it might seem eccentric that the progress from death to life is taking place from right to left instead of the conventional left to right. However, this was done on purpose to depict that such a paradigm shift does not occur on a downhill slope but rather occurs counter-current, with a lot of struggle and hardship.

The right side represents an admixture of debris that has resulted into a scene of desolation and despair. The state of decay and putrefaction is obvious from the rotten leaves and branches. Moreover, inorganic wastes such as plastic cups, straws and bags render the site perpetually doomed. Of note, a plastic bottle morphed as an octopus as well as fish with plasticized skeletons illustrate how the inorganic waste has seeped into the very fabric of these creatures.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Diptych
  • April 2022
  • Painting and mixed media
  • Acrylic painting, papier mache, collage and mixed media on Board
  • 90cm | 60cm | 1.5cm
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