Turtle, eating plastic


My painting is about a turtle, eating plastic. I want to express that the “turtle is the reflection of our Coral ecosystems”. If there’s no coral ecosystem, the turtle die. The turtle also increases the beauty of the ecosystem. However, by eating plastic, the turtle dies too. We need to protect our ecosystem (by stopping pollution). Our ecosystem comprising of both “the turtle” and the coral reef and every small organism around. We need to protect our ecosystem and its inhabitant (the turtle).
I made an ” exaggerated realism painting ” to show the importance and the beauty of a turtle and how human beings (the one polluting the ocean and the habitat of turtles) are dangers to it. The colours and highlights used are a little bit exaggerated in my painting to show how beautiful a turtle is. Art can be seen as exaggeration but its reality, if you take time to look closer to the turtle all the exaggerated colour seems normal and naturally present on the turtle itself.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • exaggerated realism acrylic painting
  • acrylic painting on canva
  • 30 | 60 | 1.5
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