Under The Blue Ocean

Ashima Ramdonee

I am trying to expose the struggle of marine life in my portrait:”Under the Blue Ocean” due to human negligence. My work represents how we view the blue sea as vast and calm on the surface but is the opposite from our expectation inside. However, it hides an intrigued secret that cant be discovered without diving inside.
In my work, I used blue colour to represent the calmness of the upper layer of the sea and inside i used a little amount of dark brown to show dark side. I selected a particular type of species of sea turtle called Hawksbill which is the main aquatic predator to be trapped in sea pollution. As we can observed, the turtle is entering a polluted area where there is no other predators except a hermit crab. The turtle is bleeding ( i used a red color to represent the blood) as it is strangle by a string of a fishing net(the green string represents the net) wired on a coral. I painted white colour on the corals to represent it as dead corals.For the the turtle, I gave an impression that it is trapped with the net at the seabed and enable to move.Human activities and lifestyle have caused many damages to the the marine ecosystem. Therefore, I added some plastic waste like a plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic cup and buoy to express how we, human are damaging to the sea life. At the seabed , there is a hermit crab that used the cup as shelter to protect itself. Sooner the big predators could eat the plastic material and die. However microplastics are damaging the ecosystem and the natural beauty of the sea. And if people do not take any measures against the water pollution and marine support, the Hawksbill can become extinct one day.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Acrylic paint
  • Acrylic on canvas( size: A3)
  • 398 | 296 | 40
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