undersea Imprints


THis assemblage is my collection of wood carving prints . i had been inspired from the disatrous impact of Wakasion boat in oour precious lagoon. its part of the impact of that splitted oil , death of the corals and suffocation of the marine life . each of these emotions were portraited with specific colour combination red on white and black / black white and yellow/ black and white.
the message is clear , marine life is not that colourful that we seems to know , its dying slowing and thanks to humans , thanks to our efforts for not stopping to add poisonFUel) to the sea,thanks to us for not being able to be plastic free, thanks to our endless effort to encourage soil errosion through tree cutting & sand exploation .
please awakw all your senses and face the reality if this trend keep its pace ,our futur generation will never know what is it a beach , whats the feeling of your feet in wet or hot sand , what the sensation of pspending hours swimming for playing in that lagoon , they will never get to see or feewl that soundless pleasure of diving ..

  • Single Artist
  • Other
  • Triptych
  • 2021
  • printing on paper
  • wood framing
  • 200cm | 250cm | 8cm
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