Underwater Conversation

Nitish Chendrapaty-Appadoo

A beautiful interpretation of how our Mauritian society moves; surrounded by beauty everyday but at the same time, so engrossed in our daily life that we do not have the time to appreciate what’s around us. Exactly what happened with the 2 turtles here. They had to be dead (purposely left white to show that the ghosts of the 2 turtles are having the conversation) to take a moment to see how amazing and colourful it is around them, underwater.

And the text ” Nou Losean Manifik” is a great use of the Kreol Morisyen words to capture the attention of the passersby (I’m talking location of the wall here) and this also plays a positive role as the phrase will be seen on a loop and this gives way to see our sea and ocean as such. This also serves as reverse psychology.
The little heart by the 2nd turtle is a subtle node to how we talk online, reacting with love reaction.

As a street artist, I do not merely paint walls, but I try to use the most of my skills to start a conversation with the public and the message that I try to pass along and I believe that this proposal of mine fits with the ideology of the Samudra Art Prize Initiative.

  • Single Artist
  • Street art
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Digital design
  • Digital artwork
  • 6 | 7 | 1
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