Avocating for marine ecosystem through my artworks,my goal is to vehicule a visual communication, cathartic in nature to promote the use of recycled plastic,in everyday life and art making as well. It can be used as a painting / sculpture medium . Plastic is string, flexible and durable making itnextremely useful when used right and hard to break. Through my artwork i have tried to capture the sad reality happening to our marine ecosystem: plastic pollution.As useful as plastivs may be, it does create harm to the environment, by entering our oceans every day and staying there forever, for marinr life such as sea creatures and coral reefs to be intoxicated and cannot further flourish.
Plastics become toxic ‘food ‘ to sea turtles and fish alike.
One way of dispensing plastics would be if more artists consider the use of the material as an alternative media in their creations which could make a contribution in reducing plastic waste .
My art making goal is to promote , create awareness and unlock the unconscious mind of the audience , through beautiful artworks which hide a horrible reality to it.. this is my small attempt to protect and restore the marine ecosystem.

  • Single Artist
  • Painting
  • Single Work
  • 2020
  • Mixed mdia (with p.e.t plastic flakes )
  • Acrlics on plywood
  • 1m | 1m22cms | 3cms
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