Mother and Nature

Naomi Rachel Gujadhur

As I gathered my thoughts to put together this art piece, my main focus was to show and share amongst others about coral reefs. Every single detail in this artwork has an importance and signification. The African lady represents all the mothers of the island. The corals that have been installed on her head shows us that she is reflecting about preserving coral reefs. The black background represents her home. Homes are an intimate or ‘secret’ place where you and your family live in and where children are taught many life lessons. As you might have heard, education starts at home. Children often look up to their parents, therefore parents must teach children that we have to protect what God has given us. To sum it up, we have to think about protecting the corals.

  • Single Artist
  • Portrait
  • Single Work
  • 2022
  • Pencil shading - graphite, pencil, Black acrylic
  • Pencil on thick paper
  • 633 | 502 | 0.2
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