Have you ever experienced scuba diving at Mauritius? It’s a diverse world underwater- observing the stunning coral reefs and the marine life is absolutely mesmerizing. Corals are living organisms and are formed by calcium carbonate which are accumulated by coral polyps. Coral form barriers to shelter the coastline against waves and is the home of more than 25% of all marine life.
On July 25, 2020, a Japanese bulk carrier, Wakashio headed towards Brazil was trapped against the coral reef offshore of Pointe d’Esny with 4000 tons of oil. Government along with many local volunteers worked together hand to hand to fight against this unprecedented crisis. The marine ecosystem was contaminated with almost 1000 tons of crude oil. Locals in thousands used cloth stuffed with human hair and bagasse to make barriers to avoid further spread of oil.
On the bright side the Wakashio incident did bring all of us together and made us work unitedly to preserve our ecosystem. It has trained us to deal with any glitches that we might have to face related to conserving our nature in near future together. I am proud to say Mauritius is a perfect example for Unity in Diversity.

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