celebrating art raising awareness and of our amazing coral ecosystem
a free and open submission award for visual artists
an opportunity to exhibit work and win a prize

Artists are invited to create works that will raise collective awareness and engage the public in pressing social and environmental issues.

A selection of the best works will be judged then exhibited at the Caudan Arts Centre as part of a series of public events aimed at better understanding our amazing coral ecosystems.


celebrate art

I am an artist
Create your art and submit one or more works for a chance to take part in our 2022 event and win a prize.

I love art
Vote for your favourite artwork and come to the live exhibition and events.

raise awareness

I am passionate about the environment
Get involved in protecting our exquisite coral reefs and coastal ecosystems by learning about them and finding ways to participate in conservation and restoration efforts.

My organisation is involved in marine conservation or restoration
Get in touch for an opportunity to promote your work.

2022 theme

our amazing coral

Reefs, lagoons, beaches, mangroves and the
communities they support


call to visual artists

Professional, amateur and young artists are invited to submit one or more works exploring the current theme.

total prizes worth over
Rs 600,000

Art has a healing function… art is definitely not there just ‘for art’s sake’. It is a tool to help us to live and die well; it opens our eyes, it returns us to a sense of creativity, it connects us with strangers, it shakes us from political complacency, it stills our agitated hearts.

Alain de Botton, philosopher
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