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We are big fans of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, London, which describes itself as ‘the world’s most joyful art exhibition’ by inviting artists of all levels to participate and exhibit side by side, every year since 1769!

Samudra Art Prize team

2022 key dates

30 April
Deadline for submissions

15 May
Selected works announced

3 June
Exhibition opens
Winners/ finalists announced

26 June
Exhibition closes
Winner of People's Choice Award

3 easy steps to submit your work


Create your account
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Fill in your artist profile
even if you’re not ready to upload your work.


Submit your work
Deadline is Saturday 30 April at 17hrs (5pm/ GMT+4) Mauritian time. Late applications will not be accepted, as website will automatically close submissions.

2022 theme

Our amazing coral ecosystems: reefs, lagoons, beaches, seagrass meadows, mangroves and the communities they support.

This is a geographical zone, in and around the coral reef, where various organisms, animals and plants co-exist and depend upon each other to survive. They include the human communities which depend directly or indirectly on these areas (for example fishing, tourism etc).

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Tips for creating your work

Start by doing some research on our Inspiration page.
- This is quite a wide brief, see what sparks your imagination… You may do figurative, abstract or conceptual work, but for your piece to be strong, it must engage the viewer and increase their awareness of the theme. You will have a space on the upload page to explain your work if you wish.
- You might choose to highlight the positive aspects (exquisite beauty of the reef organisms, animals, landscape etc) or the challenges facing our reef ecosystems (bleaching, destruction, interconnectedness, loss etc). This can be through the depiction of nature, people, underwater worlds etc.
- You might want to explore some of the following characteristics: colour, beauty, patterns, diversity, fragility, interconnectedness etc.

What will the judges be looking for?

Works will be judged on 2 main aspects: artistic merit and relevance to the theme.
Your work should:
- be original and reflect your unique approach to your art
- express your creativity, imagination, feelings, thoughts and your understanding of the theme
- show your skill in your chosen medium
- interest and engage the viewer and raise awareness of our Amazing Coral Ecosystems.

Artwork specifications and mediums

- Most visual arts mediums are acceptable eg drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, photography, video, street art (project proposal), sculpture, installation, ceramics, embroidery, textile art….
- Size is flexible, if your work is over 2m x 2m, please contact us.
- Your may submit a recent existing work, for example work you created about the Wakashio oil spill.
- Your can submit a maximum of 3 works.
Only submit more than 1 work if your works each express a different idea.
- Works will be judged online, so you should upload the best possible digital photo of your art.
- Tips for photographing your work: from the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
- Your work must be an original, not a copy.

Conditions for participating

- You must be at least 15 years old by 31 May 2022.
- If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will have to create an account and apply for you.
- Young Artist and Amateur categories, as well as Special Prizes: you must be resident in Mauritius/its dependencies.
- Best Artist category: you must either be a resident of Mauritius/its dependencies or be a Mauritian national (if living outside Mauritius).
- Works by international non-Mauritian artists may be accepted for the online and live exhibitions, but cannot be entered in the competition.

Categories and prizes

You must submit your work through one of the categories below:
Choose your category which best reflects your age (if under 20) and your level of experience.

1 Best Artist 2022 sponsored by Sunny Food Canners
- For experienced and professional artists.
- Cash prizes for 1 winner (Rs80,000) and 1 finalist (Rs40,000).

2 Best Amateur Artist 2022 sponsored by CIM Finance
- For aspiring, non-professional artists or students enrolled in creative courses (art/design/architecture etc) at tertiary level.
- Vouchers for art workshops and art materials for 1 winner (value Rs45,000) and 3 finalists (value Rs25,000 each).

3 Best Young Artist 2022 sponsored by MCB
- for 15–19 year-olds.
1 winner and 4 finalists win:
- a 5 day tailor-made workshop (total value for 5 artists Rs120,000) at CAC. Please note that if you are unable to attend the workshop, your place will be awarded to the next runner-up. - MCB savings accounts with cash: Rs20,000 for winner and Rs5,000 for each of the finalists.

Special prizes 2022
You do not have to enter your work for the prizes below.
- All Selected works in Best Artist category are automatically eligible.
- Selected works from Amateur and Young artists categories which are deemed exceptional by the judges will be put forward for the special prizes.
- Best Sculpture/ Installation/ Ceramics (Medine): Rs50,000.
- Best Photography (Quantum Insurance): Rs50,000.
- Best Painting (Maurice Giraud Prize): Rs50,000.
- Best Street Art proposal (AfricaTech Holding): Rs50,000 commission to produce work (wall and paint provided).
- Best Portrait (Artspace Mauritius): portrait workshop at Artspace with an international tutor (value Rs22,000).
- People’s Choice Award by online public vote on the website: Rs10,000.

We may be able to provide the following opportunities.

- Exhibition space at the Caudan Arts Centre for 2 weeks worth Rs50,000. This may be awarded to an artist or group of artists able to present a proposal for an exhibition (through a body of work).
- Artists’ residence, in Mauritius or overseas.

If you are interested, please contact us, stating if you’re interested in the exhibition space or the artist’s residence, explaining your work, why you think this may benefit you and what you hope to achieve. Please note that any proposal would have to relate to the theme.

Selection and judging

May 2022
You will be advised by email once your submission is received and if your work is selected. You will also be able to check your status on the My Submissions section of your account:
- Submitted: submission received.
- Selected: your is work has successfully passed the first round and is now eligible for both the online and live exhibitions, as well as for the prizes.
- Selected works will be allocated a reference number in order to remain anonymous for the jury.
- Local jury members’ names will not be disclosed until the winners have been declared, to avoid any external pressure.
- The Selection Panel and Judges’ decisions will be final.

Exhibitions online and at the Caudan Arts Centre

June 2022
1 If your work is selected:
- it will be included on our Samudra Art Prize website gallery pages.
- you will be able to take part in the Samudra Art Prize 3-week live exhibition at the Caudan Arts Centre in June 2022.
- you will need to provide the original artwork for the live exhibition.
- any special technology required for your work will have to be provided by you. Please contact us with more details.
2 Framing and glazing: all works on paper or other delicate backings must be framed if selected for the exhibition, otherwise we cannot accept them. We recommend a simple neutral frame in natural wood, or painted in white, grey or black.
3 Delivery and collection of works from the Caudan Arts Centre:
you will be responsible for delivering and retrieving your original artwork, according to a schedule which will be communicated to you.

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